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Ask For Your Permissive TDY From Your Losing Unit


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I cannot even begin to count the number of Soldiers who have signed into the new unit trying to take ten days in order to house hunt or set up their households using permissive TDY. Units that receive new Soldiers do not have time to deal with letting people have more time off. If you want to use this valuable tool, you need to get it approved from your losing unit before you move to a new duty assignment.

What Is Permissive TDY?

Permissive temporary duty which is also know by the TDY acronym or even sometimes referred to as PTDY is a permanent change of station PCS entitlement to most Soldiers who move from one duty location to another assignment. Members of the military members are allowed to take permissive TDY for up to 10 days in conjunction with their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. No transportation PCS entitlement or per diem are paid during the TDY, but members of the military are not charged for leave while taking permissive TDY. The benefit allows military members to hunt for a new house or apartment and begin setting up their homes.

Build Permissive TDY Into Your Leave Form

Permissive TDY is a wonderful PCS entitlement that all Soldiers should try and take advantage of. But, if you do not do prior planning, you may miss out. It is not a requirement for your gaining unit to provide you with permissive TDY. Many times your new unit’s mission and operations tempo will dictate if they can afford to lose you for ten days. In order to alleviate this problem, you should have your permissive TDY request built into your PCS move leave form. Do not forget to have your leave form signed by the first O-5 in your chain of command, and many times your leave form may need to be stamped by the housing office of your new post when you arrive. In many cases, you will be charge leave instead of receiving those days for free if you do not get this stamp. Check with your installation’s housing office before you do anything else including checking in with your new gaining unit.

Do Not Bank On Your Gaining Unit

Your gaining unit has too much going on in most cases to provide a new Soldier with permissive TDY. When you arrive at your new unit, you have most likely been on leave from your PCS move for almost thirty days. So, you will be expected to hit the ground running most likely when you sign in. So, in order to ensure that you receive your ten days of permissive TDY to house hunt or otherwise get your affairs in order, you should in corporate your permissive TDY into your leave form and get it approved by your losing unit before your PCS move.

Permissive TDY is a great program that gives Soldiers a chance to start off on the right foot when they arrive at a new unit following a PCS move. But, you must ensure that you complete the correct paperwork and meet certain steps in the proper order to receive your ten free days for house hunting and home set up. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your new unit will provide you with permissive TDY. Get it approved by your old unit before you leave on a PCS move.