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Armed Forces Bank N.A Car Loan Rates- December 15, 2010


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The  Armed Forces Bank is offering great and fair auto loan rates. They are also a very reliable institution offering a variety of other services for their clients in addition to auto loans. Here are the current rates for new and used auto loans:
Armed Forces Bank

New Auto Loan Rates with a 10% down payment:

  • 24 Months at 4.25%
  • 36 Months at 4.70%
  • 48 months at 5.00%
  • 60 Months at 5.75%

Used Auto Loan Rates with a 20% down payment:

  • 24 Months at 5.25%
  • 36 Months at 5.50%
  • 48 months at 5.75%

Please see the financial institution about any changes and additional fees. For additional loan information refer to our Military Loans page.