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5Star Bank CD Rates – December 1, 2010


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5Star bank

5Star Bank is offering some competitive certificate of deposit rates at the moment. Many investors enjoy opening CD accounts because they offer great rates with virtually no risk. While returns are not as high as they can be with some other types of investments, they are guaranteed and always safe while investments that carry higher returns are always more volatile and susceptible to losses.

Top 5Star Bank Certificate of Deposit Account Rates

Here are the top bank CD rates from 5Star Bank at the moment:

6 Month CD at 0.50% APY
1 Year CD at 0.80% APY
2 Year CD rate at 1.20% APY
3 Year certificate of deposit at 1.75% APY
4 Year CD account at 2.10% APY
5 Year CD interest at 2.50% APY

Check in with 5Star Bank for more great CD deals as they have even more products to offer.

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