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Defense Credit Union Council: Serving Military Installations World Wide


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As a part of the military, you might be familiar with the Defense Credit Union Council. If not, you should become familiar with it because the Defense Credit Union Council was created to serve you, and other veterans or current defense personnel all over the world.

What is the Defense Credit Union Council?

The DCUC is an organization consisting of 235 credit unions and 14 million members that serve military installations. The council acts in accordance with its member credit unions and the Department of Defense to create various policies, procedures and legislation that control the quality of financial products and services, and impact the morale and financial readiness of the people who defend this country, as well as, their families.

How does the DCUC Operate?

The council consists of a seven-member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of one representative from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps that creates the policies, procedures and legislation that govern its member credit unions and, in turn, affects their policies and rates.

The Defense Credit Union Council and You

Find out if your credit union is a member of the Defense Credit Union Council. If you have any needs or concerns that are not being met, the DCUC may be able to assist you in meeting your individual financial needs. Or, if you like what the DCUC offers, you can sign up with one of their credit unions to receive the same services and benefits.

Information was gathered via the organization website. Please contact the organization for more information.